billWe are a small batch coffee roasting company located in Newburgh, Indiana, just a short ride across the Ohio River from Kentucky. Unlike larger commercial roasters,  at Berries To Beans Coffee Company we can customize a roast made just for you.

Although we primarily offer single origin coffees, we will at different times have signature blends. These are coffees that when combined bring a unique and more complex flavor. Sometimes even a blend of the same coffee roasted to different degrees will enhance your coffee drinking experience. It was through my own love of coffee that I wanted to share with others coffee as fresh as it gets.

Berries to Beans is dedicated to providing a richer coffee drinking experience, expanding your knowledge of coffee, and catering first and foremost to you, our customer. Our goal is to help you discover just exactly what you want in your cup. We will track your purchases, make note of coffees that you tell us you love, and we will then provide that custom roast just for you down to the temperature it was roasted at, how long and what type of bean it came from, we’ll even name a roast after you. At Berries To Beans Coffee Company we stand by our pledge to deliver only the freshest and finest coffee available, “Fresh Roasted Today, In Your Cup Tomorrow”.