Coffee – the most consumed beverage on the planet

It’s the most consumed beverage on the planet. Millions of pounds grown, harvested, processed, shipped around the world, roasted, ground, bagged, put on store shelves, and finally, bought, brewed and consumed, wow! Coffee, the most traded commodity next to oil. Coffee, fuel for the masses. Coffee, what gets many of our motors started each day. Cuppa Joe, java juice, liquid gold, it’s served black, with cream and sugar, lattes, cappachinos, espressos, and even flavored. Most of us take for granted that we can easily brew up a morning pot, buy a cup to go, have it available at almost every eating establishment, caf or decaf. From the planting of a coffee tree, harvesting the ripe cherries, drying the beans bagging and shipping takes years as opposed to the instant gratification that is common to coffee drinkers around the world. Each tree planted will not begin producing fruit for four years and each tree will yield about one pound of fruit. Either naturally dried in the sun or wet processed the fruit is then separated from the coffee beans inside, which are further processed, dried and bagged in 150 pound bags, loaded on burros in some cases and taken to market where importers from around the world have paid commodity price on a full container, 75,000 pounds. The beans are stored in warehouses to be sold to both large and small roasting companies. After roasting coffee is usually rested for a period of 24 to 48 hours and either bagged whole bean or ground in foil lined sealed bags with one way valves to allow further “off gassing” of co2 without allowing air in, air being the number one enemy of roasted coffee. Small batch roasting companies usually roast smaller amounts of coffee to order, ensuring that the consumer gets the freshest possible product. Once opened, coffee will begin to lose flavor within several weeks, faster if ground. Because the world drinks so much coffee many have never really tasted the difference between fresh coffee (roasted 24 to 48 hours ago), and off the shelf coffee or even coffee sold at popular coffee houses. Berries To Beans Coffee Company is a small batch roasting company dedicated to providing the freshest coffee possible. We only roast to order, generally once each week, and shipped out same day to our customers. For local orders, an order placed during normal business hours Monday-Friday will be available to pick up within 24 to 48 hours, when the coffee is at its peak flavor. We can also provide custom roast profiles on any of our single origin coffees, from a city roast to darker roasts such as French or Italian roasts. You owe it to yourself to drink only the freshest coffee possible, Berries To Beans Coffee, Fresh Roasted Today, In Your Cup Tomorrow!