Organic Peruvian Decaf , Fair Trade (Swiss Water Process)



Fair Trade cooperatives: cultivating alternatives with Peruvian coffee’s futures.


During the last decade, Peru’s smallholder cooperatives consolidated their movements and provided a more organized and rewarding opportunity for tens of thousands of smallholders who were once subjected to the exploitive trading practices. These cooperatives have linked with international Fair Trade and organic networks to stimulate their growth. Working together with partners like Equal Exchange, Peruvian smallholder cooperatives quickly became the second largest suppliers of Fair Trade certified coffee after Mexico and one of the world’s top organic producers. The higher prices offered through these certified and specialty markets have strengthened cooperatives and offered at least some price premiums to farmers. The more direct market access has also helped four Fair Trade Certified co-ops establish themselves among Peru’s largest 21 coffee exporters2.

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peruvian coffee

Flavor Notes: Milk chocolate with a creamy body roasted full medium.

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