What Kind Of Coffee Grinder Should I Buy?

I tell all of my customers that the best cup of coffee is the one that’s the freshest.  The best way to get that is to buy coffee that was roasted within several days of brewing.  The next way is to only buy whole beans and only grind enough for that days coffee. The temptation will be to grind a weeks worth or more at a time, don’t give in to that temptation, anything good is worth waiting for.

Then comes the next question what kind of grinder do I buy?  If you are just starting to be more of a coffee connoisseur and don’t want to spend too much on your first grinder I suggest buying an inexpensive blade grinder.  There are many brands and the prices start at about $20.  If you are a little bit more advanced and have already been grinding using a blade grinder I would start reading some reviews and articles on blade vs. burr.  A burr grinder unlike a blade grinder does not chop the coffee and has a more consistent grind.  It actually crushes the coffee between metal gears and can  grind very evenly for specialty coffee such as espresso, Turkish or French press.  A good burr grinder such as Bodum’s Bistro Burr grinder, which comes in several different colors, will be anywhere from $75-$125.  They also make a blade grinder for under $40.00.  I always recommend doing the research and reading  reviews.

There are several burr grinders in the $30-50 range but in my opinion are louder and messier than the more expensive grinders such as the Bodum. I also find that they tend to not grind as evenly.  Many of the simple blade grinders can be found just about anywhere.  Most of the higher end burr grinders will have to be bought on line.

Bottom line; grind per use, keep the rest sealed tight, the enemy of coffee is air.  Once ground the coffee will begin to stale immediately.

Berries To Beans Coffee, Fresh Roasted Today, In Your Cup Tomorrow.